Mindfulness Training

A yoga class may be a great laboratory for becoming more mindful because it’s rife with conditions that are beyond your control. On any given day the traffic noise could be uncomfortably loud, you’ll feel bored or restless, your neighbor’s sweat might drip on your mat, your hamstrings may feel tight. Armed with mindfulness techniques, you’ll reframe these conditions in order that you get more out of your yoga class and feel less reactive about things that you simply usually find irritating and distracting.

Flexibility for Beginners

This beginner workout covers some yoga poses that will be shown by someone that has almost full flexibility in their body. That doesn’t mean you can’t do them but don’t stretch yourself so far that you snap something. You will feel some discomfort since these muscles haven’t been stretched in this way but if you continue this routine you’ll find that every day you get a little bit more flexible. I’ve included two different sessions of exercises for you so you can mix things up and alternate days.

Building Essential Strength

Becoming stronger is rewarding both physically and mentally. It has a positive effect on your confidence and influences how you face challenges in daily life. We recommend that you practise 2 classes per week for 3 weeks. If you find a particular class challenging, then repeat this class. It may help you to decide beforehand which days you would like to practice and mark that time in your schedule. In this 6 part program, you’ll learn to develop your strength from the inside. You will feel more like you are doing a work-IN than a work-OUT. Tap into your inner strength, wisdom and intelligence and transform your whole being.